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Justin Bieber-- owner of a detained monkey, accused bad neighbor and photographer threatener-- has been slowly morphing from precocious teen star to obnoxious but harmless adult star. You could pay attention to his antics or ignore them in the spirit of the kind of teenage rebellion everyone deserves. That is, until he somehow managed to get Anne Frank wrapped up into what we should just be calling his "PR disaster" phase.

Let's let this post from the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam-- one of the city's most popular and solemn tourist attractions-- speak for itself:

There's something hilarious about the reserved tone of the post, in which you almost think they're setting up for Bieber to make some touching gesture or to be moved by a firsthand encounter with Frank's tragically short life. But by the time you get to that terse plug for his concert in Arnhem, you can practically feel the chilly Nordic disdain. They're as baffled by his nonsense as you are, but they're going to let you say it for yourself-- and of course, there are plenty of people sputtering in outrage in the post's 894 (and counting) comments.

Nobody would turn to Justin Bieber as a model of humility, restraint or even good sense-- he's the kid who spit on his neighbor, after all-- but bringing your own fan base of "Beliebers" into even the same paragraph as Anne Frank is an inane new low. Will that keep his Dutch fans from showing up at the concert? Of course not. But if you've been sitting patiently waiting either for Justin Bieber to grow up or for the world to finally get bored with him, today is another reminder that time can't come soon enough.