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Justin Bieber’s bad press tour picked up some more momentum yesterday after Swedish police raided the singer’s tour bus and found a baggie of weed on board. Details are still extremely fuzzy at this point, but apparently, the Biebs and his entourage were inside the Globe Arena in Stockholm when officers descended on the tour bus in the parking garage. They allegedly found a small amount of weed, as well as a taser, but because they were just in the communal space, it’s unclear who they actually belonged to.

According to TMZ, Swedish authorities have decided not to charge anyone nor impound the tour bus. That’s obviously great news for everyone involved here. Unfortunately for the Biebs, the lack of formal charges certainly hasn’t translated to a lack of headlines. This bust has been front page news around the world, and it’ll no doubt lead many to once again ask if the pop star should find new people to hang out with.

Bieber is far from the first musician to have his or her tour bus full of banned substances, but the problem for him is that people hold him to a different standard. Believe it or not, his target demographic isn’t the same as Kid Rock’s or Motley Crue’s or even Fiona Apple’s. A good percentage of his wheelhouse overlaps with middle school and early high school, and those kids (and perhaps more importantly their parents) aren’t exactly stoked about pot busts.

Fortunately for Bieber’s monkey, he was abandoned prior to the search, and therefore, he didn’t have to go through the shame and embarrassment of it.

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