Justin Bieber Isn't Going To Pick His Monkey Up From Germany

Remember when Justin Bieber showed up in Germany with a monkey absent any of the paperwork needed to cart said monkey around the world? Well, the poor guy got confiscated and placed in quarantine. Since that date, authorities have been waiting for the Biebs to return and spring poor Mally from his confinement. Now, it looks like that’s never going to happen.

According to E!, Bieber’s people contacted the Munich Animal Shelter this week to let them know the pop star is ready to pass the animal along. He’s apparently requested Mally be given to a good home. The Federal Agency for Nature Conservation will reportedly examine the monkey in the near future and make a recommendation as to where he should be moved to. Most early guesses suspect the animal will wind up at an animal rescue, as opposed to a zoo where he might become a tourist attraction, but until he’s actually been moved, there’s no way to know where he’ll end up with any certainty.

The monkey was a gift from one of Bieber’s friends, but Mally quickly turned into a public relations nightmare because of the quarantine. Last year, Justin randomly gave away his hamster to a random fan. Neither of those decisions paint Justin as a particularly responsible pet owner, but as a teenager who is frequently off seeing the world, he’s probably not a prime candidate to own an animal anyway.

We’ll keep you updated on Mally’s whereabouts once something is decided.

Mack Rawden
Editor In Chief

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