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Kate Middleton Is Learning How To Cook

As if Kate Middleton wasn’t going to hit enough milestones this year with a baby on the way, the Duchess of Cambridge recently decided to work on her cooking skills. Middleton and husband Prince William have employed the help of a woman named Antonella Fresolone as a housekeeper, and apparently she has been teaching the mom-to-be how to make a dish or five.

The well-dressed 31–year-old has stayed mum about many of the details of her pregnancy, including the baby’s gender. In recent months, she has seemed to spend extra time on domestic details. Besides the cooking, the Duchess of Cambridge has also been spotted doing some household shopping earlier this month.

As far as the cooking goes, US Weekly is reporting that Middleton is learning to make “a number of small dishes” with the help of Fresolone. Apparently, the housekeeper has quite the pedigree, having worked at Buckingham palace for well over a dozen years before transitioning to the couples’ smaller Nottingham Cottage home just three weeks ago. If Fresolone’s only been around for a few weeks, Middleton has clearly not yet gotten a ton of cooking lessons, but hopefully she will soon have the skills and the time to feed her little family on a regular basis.

It must be crazy to be under the spotlight at all times as a member of the royal family and to be expected to attend diplomatic events and be on your best behavior. The Duchess knew what she signed up for when she took the title, but it still must feel good to get some time away and focus on everyday tasks like cooking.

Jessica Rawden
Jessica Rawden

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