After a brief stay in which she was given fluids to combat her Hyperemesis Gravidarum, Duchess Catherine was officially released from King Edward VII hospital this morning. Rather than sneak out a back entrance or create a diversion, Kate, alongside her husband Prince William, left the exit casually, pausing long enough for photographers to get a shot of her carrying fresh yellow flowers and blissfully chatting away with her spouse.

According to The Toronto Sun, Kate sent a message to the staff of the hospital thanking them for all the help they’d given her, and for now, she’ll head to Kensington Palace in order to recuperate and relax during her pregnancy. The actual due date of the child is still unknown, but a spokesman for the royal family has said Duchess Catherine is not very far along. She was planning to wait at least a few more weeks to make any kind of announcement, but because of the hospitalization, the entire schedule had to be altered and moved forward.

Thus far, the response to Kate’s pregnancy has been overwhelmingly positive from the general public. Surveys consistently show she and William are among the more popular members of the royal family, and the addition should only serve to make them more relatable. Even local oddsmakers have gotten baby fever and are reportedly offering gamblers a chance to wager on what the child’s name might be.

We’ll keep you updated as the pregnancy progresses.

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