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Katt Williams Accused Of Bashing Audience Member In The Face With Microphone

Comedian Katt Williams is facing another lawsuit, this one from a man who was reportedly whipped in the face with a microphone. The incident in question went down during Williams’ crazy recent weekend in Seattle. He was performing at the Paramount Theater last Friday when some dude in one of the front rows reportedly started taping the performance. That didn’t sit well with Katt; so, he approached the dude, swung his microphone around and whacked the poor guy right on the head.

According to TMZ, Williams followed up the supposed assault by getting back on stage and telling the entire crowd the same fate would happen to them if they pulled out a camera, and if they didn’t like it, they should go home and get a gun because he’ll be there all night. For most comedians, the over-the-top, dangerous rant would have seemed out of place, but at this point, there’s not really anything Williams can do that would surprise his fans.

During his stay in Seattle, he supposedly flicked a cigarette at a woman’s eye, threatened a pool hall manager with a pool cue, got kicked out of four hotels, got arrested four times and tried to buy a retired ferry for more than three hundred thousand dollars. Now he can reportedly add whipping a fan in the face with a microphone to that sordid list. That’s more shit than most problem celebrities get up to in a six-month period, and Williams banged them all out in a long weekend.

The audience member’s lawsuit is in its infancy at this point. He’s reportedly seeking two hundred and fifty thousand dollars for a supposed concussion he suffered. We’ll keep you updated. Until then, stay out of Williams’ way.

Mack Rawden

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