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Katt Williams Says He Slapped White Target Employee For Dropping An F-Bomb

Katt Williams has finally offered an explanation for why he slapped a Target employee in Sacramento across the face earlier this month. The dude showed him a combination of racism and disrespect, and as we all know, Williams isn’t a man willing to bend over and take either one.

According to TMZ, Williams did a set at the Comedy Store in Hollywood last night. During his time in front of the audience, he recounted exactly what happened. Apparently, the white dude, after some kind of brief argument, said, “Your assistant is already suing you, you pussy ass nigger.”

Obviously, if that actually happened, it’s very understandable that Williams would have slapped the dude across the side of his face, but given his recent behavior, that has to be taken as one giant if at this juncture. From trying to buy a ferry boat to hitting an audience member with a microphone, the comedian has put himself in a lot of strange situations over the past few months. In fact, this slapping incident is just the tip of the iceberg.

Later on in his set, Williams supposed compared his situation to that of Dave Chappelle when he quit his Comedy Central show over racism worries. Over the past few weeks, Katt has vowed a few times to leave behind stand-up comedy, but to date, he keeps heading back to the microphone. Here's to hoping he doesn't hit anyone else with it.

Mack Rawden

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