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Katy Perry Roars In New Music Video, Debuts Colorful Prism Album Cover

Katy Perry is ready to "Roar" with a new music video and the recently revealed cover for her latest album Prism. "Colorful" is probably the best adjective to apply to both the video for "Roar" and the Prism album cover, which actually obstructs Perry's face from clear view with a rainbow that shines across her face.

As you can see in the video above, Perry took a literal approach to her new anthem "Roar," with a video that has her being left in the jungle and going from a timid explorer to a fierce jungle woman. And I can appreciate the absence of a Tarzan in this scenario, as the song seems to emphasize bravery and independence. It also manages to work in plenty of Perry's signature glamor and candy-coated color, manicured elephants and "Katy Purry" tigers included.

And then we have the album cover, which debuted on Good Morning America today and was later Tweeted by Perry, who credits "the wonderful Ryan McGinley" for the artwork:

Katy Perry Prism cover

As mentioned, Perry's face is obstructed from view on the cover, almost hidden behind light and the prism rainbow. Behind the color and light, her hair looks a little bit mussed and she appears to be naked, apart from a shimmery, translucent shawl that she's clutching around her body. Behind her is a blue sky and what appear to be plants, which might be a nod to the jungle theme she has going on in her "Roar" video. It seems like natural, colorful and lit up are the themes she's going for here, and it works.

The full album will arrive October 22. In the meantime, if you didn't see it, here's Perry's performance of "Roar" at the MTV Video Music Awards. She trades in her tigers for a tiger-print shirt and boxing gloves as she closes out the awards show from the Brooklyn Bridge.

And if you're a fan of Katy Perry, you'll want to mark September 30 on your calendar, as she's set to close out the 2013 iTunes Festival later this month.

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