Kim Kardashian may have been too young to see Splash when it first hit theaters back in 1984, but in the almost thirty years since, she’s learned to appreciate its greatness, or at least the stunning hotness of Daryl Hannah’s Madison. The reality star hit up the Midori costume bash earlier this evening alongside boyfriend Kanye West, and while he went with a nautical theme, she channeled the beloved mermaid.

Given how thoroughly Kim has mastered self publicity, it’s not a surprise she thought in advance to take a photograph of her costume. It was sent along via her instagram account this evening. You can take a look at the snapshot below…

The Little Mermaid’s Ariel might be the go-to choice for most females when picking a mermaid costume, but I think Kim made the smarter play here. Not only is Madison more unique, her tail is a lot more visually interesting. Plus, getting to wear a long blonde wig is a nice bonus.

As for Kanye, his captain thing isn’t overly exciting. With unlimited resources to spend and a girlfriend who clearly cares about Halloween, you would think he would have put a little more time and thought into what he was wearing. Then again, he might be the type of guy who would always rather look sophisticated, even on Halloween. I can't say I agree, but to each his own.

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