Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are having a baby. The reality starlet and her hip-hop star boyfriend apparently pulled the goalie during a trip to Europe about three months ago, and while they were planning to keep the secret in their pocket for a few months, Kanye got a little too amped at a concert earlier this week and spilled the pacifiers.

By all accounts, Kim and Kanye are absolutely elated about the impending birth. They haven’t gotten engaged or walked down the aisle yet, but they are reportedly very close and committed for the long haul. Thus, the addition of a little boy or girl should bring them even closer and serve as another step toward becoming a real grown-up family.

Given Kim’s history with the sex tape and her failed marriage to Kris Humphries and Kanye’s history with some unusual and impulsive behavior, some of the couple’s detractors have taken to the Internet since the announcement and expressed uncertainty at how competent these two might be as parents. Because they both seem to be at least slightly on the selfish side, the fear is that they’ll never give the child the proper attention he or she deserves. Counterbalancing that, however, is the almost unlimited resources these two bring to the table. If she wanted, she could quit work for the rest of her life or just do reality shows and stay at home with the little one.

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Will Kim And Kanye Be Good Parents?

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