When Kim Kardashian first began dating Kris Humphries, a lot of observers were surprised by her choice of an only marginally famous athlete. After all, her ex-boyfriend Reggie Bush won the Heisman Trophy at USC and was the second pick in the NFL draft. Humphries may have been a solid contributor on an NBA roster, but he was hardly Michael Jordan. Hell, he was hardly even Steve Kerr, but as the relationship went on, most of those wonders were placed on the backburner. Once the union imploded in epic fashion and Kardashian was ready to date again however, most suspected she’d remain single until someone huge came along. Apparently, those predictions were correct.

Over the past few days, the reality star has been spending a ton of time with Kanye West. She’s been friends with the award-winning musician for years, but according to People, the two have finally decided to give being together the old college try. It’s reportedly not super serious at this juncture, but two very famous people allowing themselves to be photographed in public typically means more than just a passing fling.

While neither has released a statement publicly yet, I’m fairly confident something is going on. The question is how long will it last. Working against Kardashian and West are their schedules and their tendencies to be a bit self-absorbed. Working for them are their abilities to understand what the other might be going through, as well as years of learning each other’s personalities.

I think this’ll last awhile, but I’m less than confident they’ll wind up walking down the aisle. What do you think? How long will these two be together? Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll below…

How Long Will They Last?

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