Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Yanked Off Flight After Skipping Security

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West knew they’d have to hurry to in order to catch their connecting flight at JFK Airport yesterday. So, when a friendly American Airlines employee told the couple they could bypass the crowds by cutting through a back area, they quickly accepted. Unfortunately, the shortcut bypassed the TSA security checkpoint, and when officials got wind of the breach, they were none too pleased.

According to TMZ, TSA workers boarded Kim and Kanye’s connecting flight to Los Angeles and hauled the famous couple off the airplane. They then did individual screenings in a special room for each and let them back onto the plane, which later took off fifty minutes after its scheduled departure time.

Both American Airlines and the Transportation Security Administration have cleared Kardashian and West of any wrongdoing, but as for the AA employee who ushered them through the back area, a free pass has not been granted. That person is currently being investigated and assumedly, re-informed of the importance of security checks.

No doubt the employee who facilitated the plan had the best of intentions. Kim and Kanye would have been mobbed walking through the airport, and it’s unlikely they would have made their connecting flight. Unfortunately, some rules have to be followed. Hopefully, whatever discipline is weeded out isn’t too harsh and Kim and Kanye learn to leave themselves a little more time between connecting flights on their next trip to the airport.

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