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Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries have spent more than a year and a half embroiled in a long divorce following an extremely short, 72-day marriage. Yesterday, word on the street was that the couple might have the divorce settled as of this morning, and that word turned out to be true. Kardashian and Humphries, are now legally divorced.

Reality star Kardashian is now pregnant with boyfriend Kanye West’s baby but has not been able to move forward with her life, thanks to accusations from Humphries' end claiming the marriage was a reality show sham, as well as also failing to attend a court date earlier this month. The whole divorce ordeal has been full of shenanigans, most seemingly coming from Humphries’s team’s end, and it is likely a relief for Kardashian to have completed all legal proceedings relating to her former marriage.

According to TMZ, Humphries did not get the $7 million in spousal support he had previously requested. Additionally, all of Humphries claims of fraud were dropped. At Kardashian’s request, Humphries was not fined for missing the court date earlier this month. After the divorce pronouncement was made, the judge told Kardashian, "Congratulations on your dissolution." Clearly, there are hurt feelings on both Kardashian and Humphries’ end, but now hopefully they can each take some time to move forward and move on.

Pop Blend would like to wish Kardashian the best as she hunkers down and focuses on plans for the new baby.