There are a lot of theories as to why Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries’ marriage failed so spectacularly. From selfishness to lack of time together, a strong case could be made for numerous possibilities, but a lot of the reality star’s biggest supporters tend to coalesce around one hypothesis in particular: she married the wrong man. More specifically, she didn’t marry Reggie Bush.

The former USC running back and current Miami Dolphin dated Kardashian intermittently starting in 2007, but the couple broke up for good in 2010. Now that her marriage is over however, rumors of a potential reconciliation are seeping out. Those whispers were buoyed by a lunch date the two shared last week, and a recent article in People has done little to squash the gossip. According to the outlet’s source, the pair are not officially back together but still love each other and are willing to see where things might lead.

Ordinarily, romance backslides happen pretty quickly. One ex doesn’t typically marry someone else during their time apart, but stranger things have certainly happened. It seems possible and perhaps even likely that after such a disastrous union, Kardashian would reach out to someone she feels comfortable with and someone the public has approved of her being with before.

If I were Bush, I’d probably think long and hard before officially committing to this relationship again. He experienced arguably his best year as a professional last season, rushing for more than one thousand yards, and it would seem foolish to attract a firestorm of attention. Logic doesn’t always dictate behavior though; so, I guess we’ll see where this leads.

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