Kim Kardashian has been all over sharing images on her photo blog in the past week. While she loves to take photos of herself in all manner of apparel and all manner of accessories, the one thing we should get out of Kardashian’s sharing habits this week is not her high level of narcissism but her extreme collection of shoes.

Kardashian used Instagram over the past few days to share a few photos of her shoe collection, including three walls of shoes organized by type and color, including a wall of bold hues, a wall of nude hues, and one of glitzy, sparkly shoes. If it takes three photos of three walls to cover only part of her heel collection, I can’t imagine how many walls it takes to cover sneakers, flats, and boots, too. Yesterday, Kim posted a new photo with a caption that alluded to a love for an unusual pair of heels.

If a person has room in his or her shoe collection for a pair of knitted heels with ridiculous attached pearls that probably matches one in a thousand outfits, one might want to think about cutting back on the shoe buying. Just saying. You can check out more from Kardashian’s shoe collection over at Celebuzz.

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