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We’ve heard from Kris Jenner about Kim Kardashian’s divorce. We’ve heard from Kardashian’s soon-to-be-official ex-husband, Kris Humphries, about the circumstances surrounding the couple’s breakup, but for the longest time we didn’t really hear too much from Kim herself. This morning, Kardashian decided to co-host Live With Kelly, to jump back into the public eye, as well as get some relationship information off of her chest.

Ripa starts off the program featuring Kardashian simply by thanking her for coming on. Kardashian then jumps into a whole sympathy story about moving in with her mother and doing some soul searching. It doesn’t take long for Ripa to address the whole issue of Kardashian’s quick decision to jump in an out of marriage. While it is unfair to assume Kardashian’s feelings for Humphries were fake, when Kardashian mixes the statement “hopeless romantic” with “businesswoman” it is difficult to really see where the reality star is coming from. Sure, she may have wanted to get married and thought Humphries was a good fit, but love is not simply about being romantic and making sound business decisions. It’s about creating a life and a partnership and taking your partner’s feelings under consideration, always.

It is nice to see Kardashian does not pit herself as a victim, but her decision making process seems a bit suspect. You can check out part of the episode below...