Kobe and Vanessa Bryant’s divorce might not be officially settled yet, but the terms and conditions are starting to get figured out. With no prenuptial agreement on the books and a reported one hundred and fifty million dollar fortune, there’s a whole lot of basketball spoils to be divided up. The pair have reportedly agreed to split roughly fifty-fifty, which means she’s got seventy-five million coming her way.

According to The Los Angeles Times, just south of nineteen million dollars of that will come by way of property. The couple currently own three homes in Newport Beach, and all three now exclusively list Vanessa Bryant as the owner. If that sounds like a lot of property in one neighborhood to you, it’s actually quite explainable. TMZ says the first mansion was lived in by the couple while they were married, the second is lived in by her mom and the third is a recently finished construction that Kobe and Vanessa would have moved into had their marriage continued.

Since news of the divorce first leaked, numerous sources have come forward saying Kobe was devastated by the split. He’s reportedly still trying to win her back, but thus far, his efforts have been in vain. Rumors attribute the break-up to his infidelities, but neither side has commented publicly about the specific reasons. Besides, whatever they are likely don’t matter to the kids.

Here’s to hoping Vanessa and Kobe either try and make it work or move on peacefully with thoughts of all the good times they shared.

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