Kris Benson Wants To Ban His Wife Anna From Watching The Kids

It’ll likely be months before Anna Benson knows her full punishment for showing up at her estranged husband’s house with a gun over the weekend, but if today was a sign of things to come, it’s not going to be very pretty for the Baseball Wives star. The former baseball playing estranged husband who was allegedly threatened, Kris Benson, filed an emergency court motion in Georgia asking Anna be stripped of her custody rights immediately until this break-in situation gets resolved. A judge hasn’t ruled on the request yet, but considering Anna was arrested on four extremely scary charges and she doesn’t have primary physical custody to begin with, losing access to her children seems like a very real possibility in the short-term.

The chaotic incident happened late Sunday night and into Monday morning. Kris was reportedly at home minding his own business when his estranged wife busted into the home, armed to the teeth. In her possession, she allegedly had a gun, a knife, a stun gun, a hatchet, a baton, a fully stocked ammunition belt and a bulletproof vest. In the ensuing chaos, she allegedly smashed up Kris’ television and demanded $30,000 in cash, as per TMZ. Why she wanted that particular sum of money or why she thought he would have it in cash is unclear at this point, but instead of handing it over, he ran out the backdoor, fled into the woods and called the cops. They showed up a short time later and within a few hours, the once eccentric and close-knit Benson Family was on the cover of numerous newspapers around the country, particularly in the places where Kris once pitched.

Born with an incredible amount of promise, the Pittsburgh Penguins selected him with the first overall pick in the 1996 MLB draft. During the early 2000s, he had a few promising years with the club, but sadly, his tenure is probably best remembered by local fans for Anna’s admission that she and Kris had sex in the parking lot of Three Rivers Stadium while fans were banging on the windows. Later, he played two seasons for the New York Mets, and like his previous stop, his time in the Big Apple is probably best remembered for a provocative dress his wife wore to the team Christmas party.

Of course, there are plenty of women out there who are sexually forward, but for the Benson’s, Anna’s sexuality was often a source of conflict between the two of them as well as between him and baseball higher ups who used to value tradition and silence above all else. During one memorable spat in 2006, divorce papers were even filed amidst a lot of crazy New York rumors. Six years later, Kris officially left, possibly in the midst of an affair, but the divorce has never been finalized, though this mess will likely add momentum to the endeavor.

We’ll keep you updated on this case as it screams and fights its way through the court system.

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