Kristen Bell And Dax Shepard Hate Living By Justin Bieber

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard are about the most easygoing couple of all time, unless you count the moments the former gets to spend around sloths from the zoo. Those buggers make Bell a little batshit crazy, and as it turns out, apparently so does Justin Bieber. At least, the couple thinks.

Shepard and Bell have been engaged since early 2010, and seem to be a couple of homebodies who don’t mind spending weeks on end holed up with one another, as happened when the two recently filmed the flick Hit & Run. Now back at home, the couple headed over to the set of The View, where they discussed their shared disdain for living next to Justin Bieber.

Bell was quick to point out there is not a “love/hate feud” going on between the musician and the two actors, but problematically, since the “Boyfriend” singer has moved in the house behind the couple, the neighborhood has started reminding Shepard of Lebanon, due to the loud music, the parties, and most importantly, the masses of paparazzi swarming about.

Despite the crazyness next door, the couple had some nice things to say about Bieber and his film Never Say Never, and really do seem to want to downplay the fact they don’t love their new neighbor. Hopefully, he will simply go on tour soon and leave Bell and her fiancée to some newfound peace.