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Detectives at the Los Angeles Police Department reached out and apologized to the Wallace family for releasing Christopher “Notorious B.I.G.” Wallace’s autopsy without informing them earlier this week. Authorities reportedly made the decision to make public the twenty-three page coroner’s report in an effort to generate publicity and perhaps a few new leads, but thanks to an “administrative error”, it became available much sooner than expected.

The release caught the family off-guard, and not surprisingly, they weren’t too pleased about it. An attorney for the family told The Los Angeles Times his clients were most upset about the lack of new information. They don’t understand how releasing a coroner’s report that says he got shot could possibly generate any forward momentum at all, but then again, it’s not a big shock the Wallace family would be displeased by the actions of the LAPD.

In the fifteen years since Wallace was shockingly gunned down on Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles, the deceased rapper’s family has accused the department of incompetence on several occasions. A former detective reportedly even told members of the family the police had a good idea of who shot Biggie, but officially, the LAPD has always denied that.

Regardless of the screw up with the autopsy here and all the bad blood that still exists, everyone involved would definitely like to see this case come to an end. Here’s to hoping the murder is solved sooner rather than later.

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