Lil Wayne: I Had Sex With Chris Bosh's Wife

Earlier this month, Lil Wayne was booted out of Miami’s American Airlines Arena during a game between the hometown Heat and his beloved Los Angeles Lakers. In the week or so since, the rapper has talked plenty of smack about the organization, but this week, his aggression went to a new level when he told a large crowd of concertgoers that he had sex with Heat all-star Chris Bosh’s wife.

The incident in question happened in Houston, Texas during the NBA’s All-Star Weekend. Lil Wayne told the crowd the NBA banned him from events by request of the Miami Heat. Then he asked the crowd to join him in fuck-the-NBA and fuck-the-Miami-Heat chants.

According to TMZ, after the chanting, he explicitly said, “I fucked Chris Bosh’s wife.” Not surprisingly, the comment was treated with plenty of shock from the crowd and was quickly picked up by quite a few news services, though whether Lil Wayne was just talking shit or actually had relations with Adrienne Williams Bosh is unclear.

All the bad blood traces back to the musician getting the heave-ho a few weeks ago. The security guards who actually threw him out said they did so for raising hell and allegedly making a gun gesture at another patron during an argument, but if Lil Wayne is to be believed, the actual reason was because he was very loudly supporting the Lakers in the Miami Heat’s building.

We’ll let you know if either Mr. or Mrs. Bosh publically responds to this allegation.

Mack Rawden
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