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Lil Wayne is reportedly recovering well from the medical scares that forced two separate planes to make emergency landings over the past few days, but unfortunately for the rap star, there may be consequences to what happened beyond just those to his longterm health. Weezy is currently in the middle of court proceedings over a documentary made by Quincy Jones III. He was scheduled to testify Friday to explain why he should be entitled to compensation for the use of his music in the scandalous film. With all of the medical scares, however, that didn’t happen.

According to TMZ, the judge gave everyone the day off on Friday, but if he’s unable to appear on Monday, there’s a strong possibility his legal team will either need to present their case without him or ask for a mistrial and try their luck at some point down the road. If a judge had the ultimate decision in the case, a few weeks or longer could be sought, but there’s no way the jury will be made to wait more than a day or two more.

Luckily for Wayne, he’s got plenty of money, whether he wins a judgment in this case or not. Consequently, he should spend his mental energies staying positive and trying to get better. He doesn’t need any unnecessary stress in his life, and at this juncture, this lawsuit is unnecessary.

Pop Blend’s sincerest thoughts go out to the musican who thanked fans earlier this afternoon for their prayers. Here’s to hoping he’s at one hundred percent in no time.

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