Given all the success Lil Wayne has had over the past thirteen years, it’s strange to think he’d celebrate a song he merely guested on landing at #82 on the Billboard Hot 100, but that’s exactly what Weezy is doing thanks the larger milestone the charting represents. Between 1958 and 2003, Elvis Presley landed 108 entries on the Hot 100. Thanks to the Game’s “Celebration”, which Wayne features on, the rapper now has 109.

According to MTV, the majority of Weezy’s chart appearances were in the form of featured slots on other artists’ songs. All of the times Presley charted were for work he was the lead on, but considering there’s a separate record he still holds for that, it’s pointless to get worked up about it. Plus, that would undermine Wayne’s incredible accomplishment. It’s crazy that in a little over a decade he’s been a part of this many songs people have loved.

There’s no telling how high the thirty-year-old might push this figure before he’s down, but it would be a real shock if he didn’t wind up topping 200. He’s got his hand in too many cookie jars and his influence over too many promising careers not to find himself in the right place more times in the future, and that's to say nothing of his own critically acclaimed work.

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