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For a solid three-year-stretch, Lindsay Lohan printed public relations disasters at an incredible relate. It was as if she couldn’t exit the house without making a bitchy comment, dating someone bizarre or leaving an unpaid bill. Not all of the incidents were here fault, but smoke never stopped billowing from her person. Over the past six months, however, all we heard was good news. The momentum completely changed. There were stories about her working, her being pleasant, her fulfilling her court-ordered responsibilities. It was wonderful, at least while it lasted.

Let the record show the momentum has turned. Just days after an angry letter booting her from the Chateau Marmont over an unpaid bill surfaced and rumors swelled that she stole a bunch of things at a Hollywood Hills party, the actress has now been publically accused of trashing Elizabeth Taylor’s trailer from the film Cleopatra.

The thirty-eight-foot beauty served as Taylor’s home away from the screen and was the place where her romance with future husband Richard Burton began. It was recently sold to a woman named Angel Alger for $50,000 on the condition it could be used for Lohan’s Lifetime original movie Liz & Dick. Unfortunately, after filming commenced and the trailer was returned, Alger says it was a complete mess. You can take a look at the evidence below, courtesy of Alger and CNN…

She told CNN there were cigarette burns all over the fabric, broken dishes in the cabinets and garbage strewn about the floor. A prized rocking chair and several other items are reportedly still missing. Alger claims someone from the studio told her Lohan and her friends used the trailer after filming each night, and while she doesn’t have any evidence, she thinks the actress was responsible.

Lohan has already denied doing anything to the trailer through her publicist. I have no idea who is truly responsible, but the guilty parties should be ashamed of themselves.