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Lindsay Lohan might not have the world’s best record when it comes to putting on a smile and making the best of difficult situations, but let the record show that’s exactly what the troubled actress is doing this time around. The first whispers about her behavior in rehab are just starting to leak out and surprise surprise, she’s been a model patient.

According to TMZ, Lindsay is regularly attending her treatment sessions, and she’s even sharing and participating with the group. She’s apparently made friends with the two girls she’s living with, and by all accounts, she seems happier and healthier than she has in years, which is why her father’s opinion that she should be transferred seems so questionable.

No one close to her has ever questioned Lindsay’s intelligence or her competence. The question has always been whether she’s willing to mentally commit enough to actually try and make wise choices, at least when it comes to rehab. If these reports are to be believed, she’s actually on board here, which is a pleasant surprise considering she went into it thinking she didn’t need rehab.

Lohan still has more than two months to go on her rehab sentence. No doubt the program will progressively get more emotional moving forward, but by all accounts, Lohan is willing to go as far as possible in order to increase her chances of recovery.

We’ll keep you updated on Lohan’s time in rehab.

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