The 2012 MTV Movie Awards are just around the corner. With a ton of epic releases ranging from The Hunger Games to Captain America to Thor, the past twelve months have been chock full of suspense, action, and a whole lot of lip-locking. To celebrate, MTV plans to give out plenty of awards starting at 9 p.m. ET this evening; and the cable network has even put together a “Twitter Tracker” and a Facebook “Timeline Tracker” to keep fans of the event as up to date as possible.

A first look at theTwitter Tracker makes the new platform seem like an up-to-date way to stay abreast of the proceedings. The platform features a continually updating list of those actors and films currently getting votes for various awards. During the ceremony, it will also feature the hashtags that are a big deal at any given moment and will feature a way to share photos. According to MTV, the “Timeline Tracker” sounds a bit less interesting, with the MTV Facebook Page continually updating things people are down with “liking” at any given moment.

For some shameless self-promotion, both options are pretty interesting, especially for those without the capacity to watch the event live. Technological platforms are constantly changing, and it is extremely interesting to see how the TV networks will continue to cross-breed the Internet with cable programming. I never thought I would see a world that would embrace hashtags so rapidly, but the day has finally come.

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