MTV Video Music Awards: Watch Jennifer Hudson Join Macklemore To Sing One Love

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis combined for plenty of hit songs last year. Consequently, they were nominated for a lot of Moon Men during last night’s Video Music Awards, but listening to the men speak, it was very clear there’s one track that holds a place in their hearts above all else: “One Love”.

Over the course of the night, Macklemore called it the most important song he’s ever written during his acceptance speech for Best Video With A Message, and the emotion was extremely obvious when the men were joined by Mary Lambert and in a complete surprise, Jennifer Hudson. The fans at the Barclays Center went absolutely nuts, and Lambert especially seemed overwhelmed by the moment as she seemingly came close to losing it while repeatedly singing the closing lyric about not crying on Sundays.

Gay marriage is often thought of as a political issue, but the truth is it’s very much a generational issue too. The single biggest predictor of whether or not someone is down with the gays marrying in my life isn’t which candidates people choose on election day but instead whether or not the person is over or under forty. That should give everyone great hope moving forward because, as quickly as laws are changing, they will likely change with an even more rapid pace as an older generation more straight-laced when it comes to sex is replaced by a more socially accepting younger generation who see equal rights as a fundamental need for all.

There will always be struggles for those in the minority of anything. There will always be bumps and bruises thanks to the random bigots out there, but the more people step forward and stand for equality and choose to build up rather than tear down, the more the world will feel like a loving and accepting place for everyone. Life is too short to spend it judging. People should be able to live their lives doing whatever they want, provided it doesn’t hurt others, and regardless of what you may have been taught growing up, loving another human being of consenting age of the same sex doesn’t hurt anyone.

To watch some other performances from last night’s VMAs, you can check out Miley Cyrus here or Lady Gaga and Katy Perry here. Or you can check out the full, professionally made music video for “Same Love” that was actually honored with the Moon Man last night below…

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