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Madonna Not Pleased With M.I.A's Middle Finger

Stealing a little bit of Madonna’s thunder during the halftime show was a feckless move by fellow performer M.I.A., who managed a sneaky flipping of the bird during her portion of the show. Afterwards, Pop Blend speculated about what M.I.A. was protesting and whether or not she accomplished anything with her move to irritate the censors. Now, Madonna is weighing in on the whole ordeal.

The Material Girl spoke with Ryan Seacrest on Friday morning about her thoughts on M.I.A.’s actions. Perhaps the queen of controversy is getting wiser in her older age—or maybe she just is not down with anything that could be construed as a negative vibe. Totally bad for your karma.

"I was really surprised. I didn't know anything about it. I wasn't happy about it. I understand it's kind of punk rock and everything, but to me there was such a feeling of love and good energy and positivity, it seemed negative."

114 million people watched the Super Bowl halftime show, with thousands of people tweeting about it as it was happening. The halftime show was a big event and M.I.A.’s part in the event is not all Seacrest and Madonna get into in the interview. You can check it out, courtesy of E! Online, below.