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Super Bowl: Are You Bothered That MIA Flipped Off The Camera?

Madonna’s Super Bowl halftime show may have been met with mixed reviews, but it was what one of her guest stars did that’s really attracting attention. M.I.A., most famous for her song “Paper Planes”, threw up a middle finger during her segment of the performance. The camera briefly cut out immediately afterwards, but the knee jerk response wasn’t quick enough to block the gesture.

Naturally, the singer’s behavior caused immediate Janet Jackson comparisons from some outlets, but there’s one key difference. A middle finger is a whole lot less exciting then a nipple. Plus, MIA's questionable moment didn't occur during the big finish. There was a whole lot going on, so much in fact that many viewers probably didn't notice It did happen though, and Entertainment Weekly even captured a screen shot. Take a look below…

I wouldn’t say I’m offended by the above picture as much as I’m a bit confused by it. MIA was a guest for Madonna’s performance. She was in a supporting role, and to me, it seems a bit ridiculous to so brazenly break censor protocols in the midst of someone else’s show. Besides, I’m not really sure what point this was proving. Was she protesting something? Did she simply think it would look cool? Did she get caught up in the moment? No doubt MIA will be asked these questions shortly, but for now, all that’s left to do is wonder.

What did you think? Are you okay with MIA raising her middle finger during the halftime show? Let us know by voting in the poll below…

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