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Marilyn Manson Doing Better After Collapsing On Stage

Marilyn Manson might be used to creeping out concertgoers with his strange antics, but last night, he inspired genuine fear after he suddenly collapsed on stage during a performance in Canada. Stagehands quickly rushed out to help and his bandmates continued with the song, but ultimately, he was unable to continue with the gig.

You can take a look at footage from the incident below. With the lights and the smoke, it’s a bit difficult to tell exactly what is happening, but if you watch the center of the screen, you can see him helped off the stage…

Following the incident, sources close to Manson reached out to TMZ and explained what happened. Apparently, the singer had been sick all day but decided he was well enough to perform. As the gig went on, he started feeling sicker and sicker, voting several times before he took a spill and had to be helped off the stage during “Beautiful People”. If all goes according to plan, he’s still going to perform in Calgary this week and continue with the tour dates moving forward.

Manson might be a strange guy, but by all accounts, he’s also a professional and a hard worker. Here’s to hoping his next gig is a little less noteworthy.

Mack Rawden
Editor In Chief

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