Michael Jackson's Siblings Allegedly Tried To Kidnap His Children

More details are starting to emerge from the altercation police responded to at the home of Michael Jackson’s children yesterday, and if the inside sources are to be believed, there is one hell of a money-grubbing conspiracy going on in the family. Less than a two weeks after Paris, Prince and Blanket’s legal guardian and grandmother Katherine mysteriously left, less than a week after five of MJ’s siblings made it clear they’d like to challenge the deceased star’s will and just a few days after the children reported Katherine missing, two SUVs supposedly pulled into the home without permission.

According to TMZ, Randy, Jermaine and Janet supposedly tried to herd the kids inside the cars and take their cell phones. When they refused, an argument filled with slaps and punches reportedly went down. Tito’s son TJ, who lives with the children and will probably become their legal guardian in Katherine’s absence, allegedly took on his two uncles, while Paris and Janet allegedly slapped each other in the face while trading insults.

The siblings reportedly left without taking the children, and while the police took statements, no arrests have been made. In response to the wild melee, Tito has announced he will no longer be a part of challenging the will or his family’s arguments over money.

Obviously, all of this should simply be treated as a rumor at this point, but given what people have said publically as well as what the police are confirming, something is clearly rotten inside the Jackson family right now. It’ll likely only get worse before it gets better.

Mack Rawden
Editor In Chief

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