Life is a long series of ups and downs. Everyone goes through phases in which they’re happier or sadder. If Miley Cyrus is to be believed, this exact moment is the highest high she’s ever experienced thanks to her career trajectory, her new music and the serious lack of Liam Hemsworth in her life.

She was a little bit nicer about how she stated it, of course, during a recent sitdown with Ellen DeGeneres, but the message was still pretty clear. She hasn’t talked to Hemsworth since they broke up, and she’s very pleased to be rid of him.

You can check out the portion of the interview in question below, thanks to Ellen

There’s a lot of juicy goodness in that three minute or so exchange, but for my money, there’s one little section that stands out above the rest. Here’s the exact quote…
”I want to be really clear and determined with everything I'm doing in my life right now, and I have been. I keep saying I'm the happiest I've ever been and that's not even a dig. That's just me, because I really am genuinely happy finally with myself, which I think sometimes it takes you separating yourself from someone else to really be happy with who you are. I've never been able to just be alone, and I'm obsessed with being alone and like hearing my thoughts."

On the one hand, it’s easy to see where Miley is coming from. Sometimes when you’re dating someone for a long period of time (they were together for four years) you can start to loose yourself in the relationship, and it can be very fulfilling and exciting to have no single person to answer to. But on the other hand, there seems to be something fundamentally wrong with a girl being engaged to a man, seeing the relationship end and being exclusively happy. How is at least ten percent of her not a wreck after losing the person she thought she’d spend the rest of her life with?

What do you think? Are you buying Miley’s happiness, or do you think she’s full of twerk? Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll below…

Deep Down, Miley Is...

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