Miley Cyrus Strips Down For Marc Jacobs Charity Shirt

Miley Cyrus is no stranger to pushing the envelope. The former Disney starlet has spent the past few years twerking up a storm, posing for PG-13 rated pictures and continually reminding the world just being Miley now involves different activities. So, in the spirit of continuing that racy run and to benefit a good cause, she’s decided to take it all off for Marc Jacobs and the brand’s Protect The Skin You’re In campaign.

You can take a look at Miley and her uninhibited Hannah Montanas below…

Miley And Marc Jacobs

According to E! Online, proceeds from the nearly naked shirts will be given to the New York University Skin Cancer Institute. They’re being offered at the price of $35 a pop, and they are available as of today at MJ boutiques in Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston and Savannah. Next month, they’ll cross the pond to European stores, though exactly how popular they’ll prove is anyone’s guess.

The Marc Jacobs Protect The Skin You’re In t-shirts didn’t start with Miley, and assumedly, they will not end with her print either. In the past, a wide range of artists and models including Naomi Campbell and Dita Von Teese have stripped it all off to help benefit a good cause. You can take a look at a montage of some of the past favorites below…

Protect The Skin You're In

Gracing the front of a Protect The Skin You’re In t-shirt might not be as iconic as having a Got Milk ad, but it’s still very understandable why Miley would jump at the chance to join the above women. It’s sort of like an exclusive club, and given she’s been so willing to publically explore her sexuality for the past few years, it makes all the sense in the world she would do this, especially for charity. Besides, it’s not exactly like going (covered) nude for Marc Jacobs is the same thing as taking the top off for a bad horror movie or releasing a sex tape.

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Fortunately for Miley, most of the drama surrounding her personal life seems to have quieted down. Hopefully, she’ll be able to use the lack of whispers and the breathing room silence offers in order to continue pushing forward in her professional life.

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