The tiny minority of celeb gossip fans who actually liked Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth together and were hoping they’d backslide got dealt a cruel blow today when a moving truck showed up at the former Disney starlet’s house and carted away the rest of his possessions. Neither member of the ex-couple has spoken on record as to what the hell the final straw was, but rumors have been raging for days claiming a variety of things including but not limited to he cheated on her, he couldn’t handle her sexually forward ways, she thought he was a stick in the mud and she just wanted to live her own life without worrying about his judgments.

Regardless, barring some unforeseen u-turn, these two seem to be dunzo for good, and according to E! News, he’s already moved on romantically. He was recently spotted kissing Elza Gonzalez in both Las Vegas and Beverly Hills, which reportedly isn’t sitting too well with Cyrus considering they just officially called off the engagement a few days ago.

So, he certainly wins the prize for fastest backslide, but as to who will actually full blown move on and wind up engaged again first is another question entirely. On the one hand, he seems to have no pent-up feelings for Miley and is stoked to be free from the situation. He’s already with another chick and considering his family reportedly wasn’t down it probably feels like a big relief.

Miley, however, is far and away the more impulsive member of the ex-couple. She’s definitely the type of girl who could meet Mr Right at any moment, and if she were to find him, one would imagine she’d jump off the deep end very quickly.

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