Former Smiths singer and solo artist Morrissey has had a pretty rough year. The staunch vegan might tell you it’s because he almost had to get on stage with the “animal killer” Duck Dynasty crew, but his bigger problems really seem to be with his health. The man’s already dealt with pneumonia, a bleeding ulcer, and something called Barrett’s esophagus, and his continual bout with health problems has caused Morrissey to cancel a large number of tour dates.

Morrissey’s tour was initially delayed before eventually kicking off in Los Angeles earlier in March. According to THR, the performer has now cancelled 22 dates across the United States, beginning with the show scheduled for March 18 in Lawrence, Kansas and running through the April 30 show set in San Francisco. The news shouldn’t come as a huge surprise since Morrissey recently cancelled a San Francisco tour date that was set for March 9, but I think many fans were hoping he wouldn’t be out of commission for too long.

The only good news to come out of this debacle (Well, unless you’re a Morrissey hater, in which case most of this article is good news), is that Morrissey was still about to put on his big Staples Center vegetarian event. Unfortunately, he’ll be sitting it out on the bench with Lady Gaga for a few months. Like the Mama Monster’s tickets, Morrissey’s fans will be refunded. All you have to do is contact the venue from which the tickets were purchased.

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