Naked Woman Arrested For Entering Bam Margera's House Lived In His Tree Fort For Weeks

Bam Margera may have a sweet tree fort in his yard, but apparently, the Jackass star doesn’t use it very often. The woman who was arrested for breaking into his house and masturbating on his floor told police she’s been shacking up there for weeks without anyone saying a word.

According to TMZ, the mystery twenty-four-year-old first arrived at the property a few weeks ago with a suitcase. She reportedly knocked on the door of Bam’s parents and told April she’d moved from Florida to marry her son. Obviously, she was sent away immediately, but instead of heading back, she took up residence in the tree fort, blending into her surroundings until the grand reappearance last week in which she got naked, snuck into Bam’s room, woke him up and masturbated on his floor.

The police haven’t gone into detail about the facts of the case, but rumor has it they found a bunch of garbage and clothing inside the fort, verifying at least a portion of her story. She remains in jail and has been formally charged with burglary, stalking and criminal trespass. Given the bizarreness of the situation, it seems likely any future rulings will include some attempt to help the woman mentally. We’ll keep you updated as the case winds its way through the court system. Until then, do a quick sweep of any play areas that could be used as temporary housing. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Mack Rawden
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