Bam Margera Says Naked Chick Broke Into His House To Masturbate

Jackass regular Bam Margera has always thought of himself as a guy willing to roll with the punches to have a good time, but apparently, even he has a line that can’t be crossed. At least that’s what a naked female fan found out after she allegedly broke into his house, crawled into his bed and got the cops called on her.

The bad porn movie plot in question supposedly went down last night at Bam’s Pennsylvania mansion. According to TMZ, the reality star was asleep when he awoke to a strange naked woman kissing him. After shoving the twenty-four-year-old off, he reportedly went for his cell phone to call 911. Rather than fighting back, she allegedly began masturbating on the floor until Bam forcibly booted her from his house.

Authorities say she was picked up not far from the property absent any clothing and was booked for burglary, stalking and criminal trespass. Given no one involved was physically harmed, it seems likely the unidentified, freaky woman will plead out to something that doesn’t involve jail time, but any such agreement will likely include a restraining order.

Bam hasn’t spoken publically about the incident, nor has his wife, but if either does release a statement, we’ll make sure and bring it to you. Until then, lock up your windows in case any naked women try to crawl in during the night to pleasure themselves next to your bed.

Mack Rawden
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