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Over the past few years The Wanted and One Direction have waffled back and forth, with one band putting out a single only to be trumped by the other band a little further down the line. Just a few days after One Direction reportedly finished recording the band’s most recent album in the studio, The Wanted has put out a brand new video for the track “Walks Like Rihanna.” The video is fun and a little fanciful and gives a distinct nod to boyband heyday during its 3:34 runtime.

In a nod to the Backstreet Boys, the guys don white suits and dance around in choreographed moves before attempting a parody of N*Sync’s groundbreaking “Bye Bye Bye” video, with the guys in The Wanted tied up like moveable puppets on marionette strings. In the song, the guys aren’t trying to break up with a chick, however. Instead, they make fun of some chick about sucking at life before noting that she’s pretty hot because she “walks like Rihanna.” This song isn’t exactly the band’s best moment, but I do appreciate the nod to the heyday of boy bands that pops up in the video.

Plus, the one bright spot in this video is recognizing that Rihanna has a wild and boldy sexy way of walking, which can be viewed, below.

The guys shot the video in Los Angeles, where they are currently filming the reality series, The Wanted Life. The song will be officially released on June 23.

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