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Patrick Schwarzenegger Thrown Out Of Club For Pelting DJ With Ice Cubes

Thanks to the implosion of his parents’ marriage and the subsequent public obsession with how far things spiraled out of control, Patrick Schwarzenegger has been in the headlines quite a bit over the past few years. This week, he added a few more articles to the pile, though this time they had nothing to do with his famous parents. The nineteen-year-old was at a club in Los Angeles over the weekend when he was given the boot, allegedly for throwing ice cubes at the DJ and acting like a stone cold douche bag.

According to TMZ, the incident in question happened at The Sayers Club on Saturday night. Schwarzenegger allegedly used a fake ID to enter the 21-and-over venue, but once he was caught throwing ice cubes and acting rowdy, the bouncers ascertained his true identity and kicked him out. Once on the street, he allegedly ranted about wanting to fight the DJ, but nothing ever came ouf that wish for physical aggression.

Because the club itself kicked Schwarzenegger out, the police never got involved. Technically, they could hit the nineteen-year-old with a ticket for using a fake ID and another one if he got any drinks while inside the club, but considering the LAPD has far more pressing concerns, it’s unlikely they’ll bother looking into this matter.

It takes many people time to learn how to handle going out and having a good time without acting like a d-bag. I’m sure that problem is even worse for the children of celebrities, but for Patrick’s sake, I hope he learns how to handle his shit sooner rather than later.

Mack Rawden
Mack Rawden

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