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Pattinson And Stewart Reportedly Fought About Cheating, Selfishness Before Break-Up

More details are starting to emerge about the recent Kristen Stewart/ Rob Pattinson break-up rumors, and if they’re to be believed, they paint the picture of a man who grew increasingly fed up with his partner’s behavior. In fact, the couple’s prolonged break-up reportedly took several days and touched on a variety of issues he supposedly has with her including selfishness, moodiness and, of course, the cheating mistake.

Obviously, no one involved has spoken publically about any of this, but sources close to the couple reportedly told US Weekly Pattinson recently hit a breaking point and vented a lot of his frustrations concerning the above issues. This allegedly led to several days of fighting which led the two to eventually go in separate directions.

Over the past half decade or so of their lives, Stewart and Pattinson have been through a ton together. They co-starred in one of the more popular movie franchises ever. They bought become internationally famous, and they spent almost all of their time together. By all accounts, they have been in love for years and continue to care about each other greatly. Consequently, I don’t think it would shock anyone if they decided to give this relationship another go in the near or distant future.

Pop Blend’s sincerest thoughts go out to Stewart and Pattinson as they try to figure out where they stand in each other’s lives. Here’s to hoping they come to the most mature and sensible decision for both of their long-term futures, whatever that choice might be.

Mack Rawden
Mack Rawden

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