Reese Witherspoon may have attracted the lion’s share of the attention after this weekend’s traffic stop, but she was not the only person inside the vehicle who was taken away in handcuffs. Her husband Jim Toth’s decision to allegedly drive while under the influence was what got the couple pulled over, and he too wound up behind bars.

Last night, Witherspoon released an apology for trying to use her fame to get her husband out of the situation, and while Toth hasn’t said anything publically, he reportedly feels really bad too. According to People, sources close to the situation are saying he feels like he put Reese in a bad situation, and some are even speculating he might go to rehab. As a pretty high-powered Hollywood agent, he reportedly takes a ton of lunches and dinners, many of which involve alcohol, and this could be the catalyst both Reese and her husband need to examine the larger implications of socially drinking on a regular basis.

Of course, since none of that has been talked about on the record and since Jim doesn’t have a long history with the police department, it’s hard to tell whether he’s actually crossed some invisible line, or if he’ll just use this mess as a wake-up call to cut himself off after two drinks rather than pushing forward.

We’ll keep you updated if either Jim or Reese speak again on the record. Until then, call a cab if you’re anywhere close to the legal limit. You’ll save yourself plenty of money, time, energy and embarrassment.

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