Revenge Wears Prada: The Devil Returns Gets A Very Red Cover

"The Devil Returns," or so says the subtitle of Lauren Weisberger's follow-up to her popular novel The Devil Wears Prada. Nearly a decade after the first book was published, Weisberger is taking us back into the hectic life of Andy Sachs for Revenge Wears Prada: The Devil Returns, which will put the lead character back in the crosshairs of the intimidating fashion overlord Miranda Priestly. We learned last spring that the sequel to the novel was coming, and with the release date for the novel coming up, we now have a look at the very red cover in all its horn-tailed glory, courtesy of EW.

Following up on the book and the successful movie starring Anne Hathaway that followed, Revenge Wears Prada will take place eight years after Andy walked away from Miranda Priestly and a job millions of girls would dream of having. The character has gone on to start up a bridal magazine with Miranda's other former assistant, Emily (played by Emily Blunt in the film). Andy's also set to marry the love of her life. But she's plagued with anxiety over her new career inevitably putting her in the path of Miranda Priestly soon enough. Considering they've been using Miranda's contacts in the process of getting some footing in the magazine world, she may have the upper hand on those two in more ways than one, which could make for some interesting conflict.

I'm still not sure the book really needs a follow-up, personally, as it left off in a pretty good place for the lead character, though she was left to face the consequences of her choices, mainly in her personal life, after finally walking away from Miranda Priestly. One of the things I liked about the book - especially by comparison to the movie - was that, even though it wasn't always easy to support the decisions Andy was making, especially as we watched her personal life collapse around her, Weisberger did a good job of helping us see how Andy was justifying those decisions throughout the story, moving forward inch by inch until she barely knew herself anymore.

The plot of Revenge Wears Prada sounds very different in that respect, but it does put Andy Sachs in Miranda's path again, and that by itself has potential for a great read, so we'll see how the book turns out when it hits shelves June 4. You can read the official description and pre-order the novel at Amazon.

Kelly West
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