Rihanna is done making apologies. The singer, whose personal life has been ridiculed, celebrated and dissected almost constantly over the past few years has been hanging out with her former boyfriend Chris Brown during the lead up to her album release, and the title she’s chosen for the work seems to be a message to all of her critics.

Dubbed Unapologetic, the LP will hit the streets on November 19 across the world. Rihanna made the announcement this morning and sent out the album cover via Instagram. It basically amounts to a sexy middle finger directed at the haters. Considering she’s been playing that card for years, however, the direction is hardly a surprise. You can take a look at the cover below…

I’m not sure whether this aggressive album cover will win Rihanna any new fans, but considering she’s one of the most popular singers in the world, the name of the game is probably keeping enthusiasts on board at this point. This artwork should do that, and it should be really visually appealing on shelves across the world. As a rule, people are fascinated by attractive, pissed off naked women.

It’s unclear whether Rihanna will clarify her relationship with Brown by the time the album is released, but whether she does or doesn’t, she’s made it clear there will be no apologies, unless, of course, she accidentally steps on someone’s toe or cuts them off in traffic. One would hope she’d be willing to apologize for that.

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