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The much anticipated Oprah Winfrey sitdown with Rihanna finally aired tonight, and while it contained plenty of interesting talk about the pop star’s home island of Barbados, nothing could approach the portion in which she discussed her former boyfriend Chris Brown.

After photographic evidence emerged of what Brown did to Rihanna’s face, the public completely and utterly turned against him. The two eventually broke up, but rumors have always floated around that she may have toughed it out if it weren’t for the overwhelmingly negative public feelings toward the hip-hop star. Tonight’s interview with Oprah certainly did nothing to alleviate those suspicions.

Saying she still shares a close friendship with him and thinks he was the love of her life, Rihanna revealed she felt bad for him after the domestic violence incident because people treated him like a monster. In fact, she apparently felt worse for him than she did for herself as she was recovering from her injuries.

Many have responded to these admissions by condemning the pop star for her feelings. No one wants to see abused women underplay the severity of and potentially return to a bad situation. Thus, it makes sense why so many would think this is a horrible example, but on the other hand, it's her life, she's not back with Brown and if she doesn't want to carry around baggage forever, it's probably not the worst thing in the world for her to forgive him.

What do you think? Do you find it understandable that she’s willing to forgive the man who hit her or do you find her positive comments disturbing? Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll below…

What Do You Think Of Rihanna's Views On Brown?

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