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On the whole, pop stars are a pretty unpredictable and impulsive group, but even among that lot, Rihanna has separated herself over the past few years. From wearing a necklace with the C-Word on it at church to her sometimes upsetting personal life, she’s never too far from headlines. Even by her standards, however, this next story is a big shock. Apparently, the incredibly popular singer might get kicked off of Instagram.

Typically, the mysterious censors at Instagram just delete content they deem offensive and move along, but apparently, Rihanna has become such a habitual poster of PG-13 or R-Rated content that she’s attracted the attention of some higher-ups. According to TMZ, the pop singer allegedly got an email from Instagram informing her that if she posts any pictures of her nipples again, they will shut down her account permanently.

Rihanna has been dancing on the edge for awhile now. She routinely posts pictures of her butt (NSFW-ish) in various states of undress, and she hits her followers with side boob on the regular. In addition, she often posts pictures of marijuana and swears. Instagram executives might not love that type of behavior, but they’ve mostly tolerated it. That all changed yesterday though when she sent out pictures of her bare boobs (NSFW) from a magazine shoot she just completed.

The snapshots were gone within an hour, but Instagram’s anger apparently hasn’t subsided, which is why the formal warning got thrown down. Rihanna hasn’t directly addressed the exchange, but she did informally acknowledge it happened by posting the following picture on, of all places, her Instagram account

Rihanna isn’t the type of person who enjoys taking orders, but it seems like she’ll follow the rules here. Even if she doesn’t agree with Instagram’s rules, it’s still the easiest and most effective photo sharing website out there, and with more than twelve million followers, it’s not something she could replicate somewhere else overnight.

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