Ron Jeremy Will Be Monitored In The Hospital For At Least 2 Weeks

Ron Jeremy is still in critical condition at Cedars-Sinai hospital in Los Angeles, but after two surgeries, the porn legend’s doctors are cautiously hopeful. As of press time, he’s currently in the intensive care unit, but if his condition continues to progress, he could be back in a regular room within a few days and ideally, out of the hospital in about two weeks.

According to TMZ, Ron’s doctors think he needs to be monitored for at least two weeks so they can get a full picture of how his body is responding to the two emergency surgeries. Only then will they be able to get a more complete picture and offer a more complete prognosis for his future. So, for the time being, it’s basically a waiting game.

Jeremy drove himself to the hospital earlier this week after he started experiencing chest paints. During his initial examination, doctors discovered an aneurysm near his heart. He was monitored for almost a day, but when his condition started getting worse, he was immediately taken to surgery and later had a follow-up procedure the same day. Sympathies and well-wishes from fans have been pouring in ever since, but because of the severity of his condition, he hasn’t released any kind of public thank you.

Pop Blend’s sincerest thoughts go out to Ron during this time of need. He’s brought a lot of joy to a lot of people over the years. Hopefully, he recovers and has a few more decades of goofiness left in him.

Mack Rawden
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