Rosie O’Donnell and Michelle Rounds were planning to get married soon, but now, life has forced those happy plans to the backseat. The famous comedian announced via her blog earlier this week that Rounds has been diagnosed with Desmoid Tumors, an extremely rare condition affecting about one in three hundred thousand. The disease isn’t actually a cancer, but it acts cancerous and can suck out energy.

After having surgery back in June, Rounds has continually grown stronger, and the couple are hoping they’ll be able to tie the knot next summer. Rather than gifts, they’d like all well-wishes to be donated to the Desmoid Tumor Research Foundation, an organization they’ve been trying to raise money for since the diagnosis.

Rounds reportedly began getting sick after a lovely trip to Big Sur. It was Mother’s Day, and she had a searing pain that wouldn’t let up. Trips to doctor after doctor followed without any real progress. As the weeks went on, the situation got worse until the Desmoid Tumors diagnosis was able to offer a path back into the light.

Without any information beyond what Rosie chose to release on her blog, it’s hard to know whether Michelle is in the clear or just doing better, but regardless of the situation, Pop Blend wishes both she and Rosie nothing but the best. Here’s to hoping they’re able to walk down the aisle in the wedding of their dreams next summer.

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