Shakira Unveils First Photo Of Baby Milan And Daddy

Pop singer Shakira just had her first child with soccer star partner Gerard Piqué a couple of weeks ago. Shakira's perfect baby boy was born in Barcelona on January 22 and the couple ended up naming the young tyke Milan. On Monday, Shakira introduced the world to her baby via a super cute photo of her child.

The photo depicts a sleeping Milan, capturing a moment when the baby is being held lovingly by his athletic father. Piqué looks much gentler than he does out on the field, and he’s even giving his newborn a tender kiss on the cheek. I’m a little sad that Shakira didn’t get in on the action, but she’s likely the person who took the picture, as she is the one who posted the photo to her Twitter account.

Toward the end of her pregnancy, Shakira and Piqué decided to hold a baby shower that anyone in the world could be present for. UNICEF is hosting the online shower, which allows family, friends, and fans to donate money that will be used to help children around the world. Clearly Shakira and Piqué have everything they could every need to help raise their baby, and it’s really selfless and generous that they decided to help children in need, instead. The singer has really thrown herself into the mission of the online baby shower, and has urged fans to give numerous times via her Twitter account.

If you’re feeling a little love for needy children around the world, you can donate over at UNICEF.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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