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Should Leah Remini Spill Scientology Secrets In Memoir?

Last month, longtime Scientology advocate Leah Remini surprised just about everyone when she up and left the Church. She hasn’t gone into great detail about why she decided to bail, but apparently, she’s planning on going there in the near future. The actress recently signed a deal to publish a tell-all memoir, and it will touch on her extended history with Scientology.

Here’s the vague quote on the subject she gave to US Magazine

"It will include my experiences, everything that's taboo to talk about."

Considering how much intrigue and confusion there is about the Church of Scientology and how firmly Remini was embedded in the organization (she was a member since childhood), this memoir will definitely sell very well. I suspect many of its juiciest quotes will be run ahead of its publication in the biggest newspapers and magazines in the world, and its subject matter upon release will be widely discussed by both the general public and the media. Clearly, various publishing companies feel the same way too because rumors are swirling that she’ll get millions of dollars for an advance. In short, it would be a shock if it wasn’t a massive, money-making hit on every level.

Just because it’s a hit, however, doesn’t necessarily mean she should do it. Remini’s ties to Scientology trace all the way back to her childhood. For years, she basically served as an official voice for the Church, always coming across as a sensible alternative to the wilder rumors that occasionally came out. While her specific rank within the organization is unknown, it is generally accepted that she advanced very high up in the ranks alongside many of her immediate family members, many of whom continue to believe just as fervently.

Obviously, something has caused a rift in her relationship with the Church. Rumor has it she disagreed with the leadership of David Miscavige, but regardless of whether that’s true or not, she supported the basic tenants of the faith for decades. As such, it’s reasonable to believe she still supports the basic essence and just grew disenchanted with the practice. Unfortunately, by publishing a tell-all memoir, it’s possible she’ll do an incredible amount of harm to the Church. For example: many Christians may leave individual Churches every year, but that doesn’t mean they have a problem with the core principles.

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