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Sinead O'Connor Cancels US Tour Because Of Bipolar Disorder

Just months after wowing two separate sold out crowds in Los Angeles, Sinead O’Connor has decided not to move forward with her upcoming US concert dates. Apart from the well-received performances, the Irish singer has been in the headlines extensively since she married and separated from drug counselor Barry Herridge last December. Revelations of mistaken crack buys and pressure from his family were tabloid fixtures for a solid month stretch, and apparently, the spotlight, coupled with depression over her failed marriage, took a toll on the performer’s psyche.

O’Connor has been very public about her battles with bipolar, and in a heartfelt message on her website, she blamed the disorder for the tour’s ultimate cancellation. Doctors apparently told her to take it easy months ago, but not wanting to disappoint fans, she pushed forward for as long as she could. Considering the demand to hear her incredible voice, I’m sure O’Connor feels good knowing fans will gladly turn out whenever she’s well enough to perform.

O’Connor has long been one of the most misunderstood artists in popular music. Her appearance on Saturday Night Live in which she tore up a picture of the Pope causes resentment in some circles to this day. She’s always been fiercely opinionated about causes she believes in, but ultimately, the singer seems like a sweet lady just trying to be happy.

Pop Blend wishes her nothing but the best in that warranted pursuit.

Mack Rawden
Mack Rawden

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